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Use of website agreement!

If you start using the website, it means that you have accepted our agreement including confidentiality policy and cookies. If you disagree with the terms and conditions, you can refrain from visiting the website. Continuous use of the site is considered as consent to our agreement.

Terms and conditions are not fixed

The terms and conditions mentioned on the website are subject to change. We will inform you in case of any changes on the main page of the website. However, we do not take any responsibility if you’re not aware of the changes made.

Sharing of content on the website

We won’t request any personal data of the person visiting the website. If the person is underage, then he/she must create an account on the website. We will publish the content considering the fact that knowing about sexually transmitted infections is prohibited for this age group.

Creating an account in case of accessing confidential content

It is not necessary to create an account on the website as you’ll get free access to the data downloaded by specialists on the website. However, an account needs to be created to get access to confidential content and the password of the account should not be forgotten.

Post data on the website

It is not like that those who are accessing the website can only access it. In fact, they can also post relevant data on the website. Copying of the data is strictly prohibited because we have the copyright of every data mentioned on the website.

Copyright infringement

The website is solely meant for the purpose of gathering information by visitors. However, the information is not meant for being used privately or by an individual. Copyright infringement is strictly prohibited because we have the rights of every information found on the website.

The website in totality

The visitors of the website must understand that it contains information about the health conditions, suitable medications, pharmaceutical methods and services. We don’t suggest any treatment and advice and don’t intend to replace the use of prescription to get a prescribed drug. If you find any resemblance to the symptoms mentioned on the website, you should think about consulting the prescription.


We on our hand do not take the responsibility of the accuracy of the data mentioned on the website. We can’t guarantee the protection of information on the website and we don’t sell the information to any external party. However, if we’re taken to the court and any information is asked then we’ll provide it faithfully.

We should not be held responsible if you took a drug based on the information mentioned on the website irrespective of consequences of the intake.