Shipping and Refund Policy

We are able to come so far in the online pharmacy industry due to numerous factors. The most important and essential part of providing the best services to our customers is said to be the delivery of the products. It is crucial to give a flawless experience through the right procedure of delivering goods and services so that you come again and again for the same quality, feasibility, and lowest pricing deals.

The reason why we have stayed here for such a long time is due to the easy shipping of products to our valuable customers. Hence, we feel more encouraged and motivated by the maximum number of satisfied customers. For accurate and timely delivery, we rely upon our trusted networking, such as – USPS.Com services, and others. It also includes overnight delivery, which means that you will be able to get the product the very next day. For more information on this, you can also speak to our customer support team which is available for your help 24 by 7.

What is the shipping policy of the website?

Our shipping policy is the same for people living in different parts of the country. We do not charge any extra cost for shipping from our consumers. And the price of the medicine is inclusive of the shipping charges too. This is to say that we shall never force you to pay for any delivery charges, no matter where you are living. In addition to this, we allow you to choose the time of delivery which can be modified at your convenience.

Delivery Information

  • We understand our customers’ varied needs, locations, and preferences. Hence, we deliver Medicines that are quality-made to meet our customer’s requirements and preferences.
  • We use mail service to ship our consignments faster to all locations around the USA.
  • We provide a tracking number within 48 hours from the time order is received and confirmed.
  • The prescription is not necessary while you place an order with us.
  • You can track your shipping through
  • We do not charge shipping costs (Free Shipping Available).
  • For any queries Email us:

What is the return policy of the website?

The website allows you to get easy refunds if the order is returned within the return period. You can choose to return any order that is being delivered to you and get a refund in your bank account for the same. The website ensures that all the refunds take place within the said period so that you shall not have to face any problems.

Moreover, you can return any product on some significant grounds. If the product does not match your order list, you have all the rights to return it to the pharmacy. Also, if the order is defective or if the expiry date of the medicine is near, you can return the order quickly.

How are the refunds generated?

Refunds are generated within 24 hours as the website checks for the authenticity of the return request. And the products are verified for any flaws and faults. Once the website is satisfied with the claim made by the customer, they process the application. The refunds are generated soon after that. You can check your PayPal account or go to your bank to see your bank account to see if the amount is credited to you or not.

How can I place a request for a refund?

If you have ordered medicines from us and wish to return them on account of some defect or error in the delivery, we would be more than happy to accept your return request. To place a request for a return, you need to email the website. The email must contain your order number and the reason why you wish to return the order. Our customer executives shall address the email, and the necessary action shall be taken accordingly. You can also call us to place your request.